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Get yourself in shape for a New You this

New Year


In clinic up to and including 10th February

I am then running intensives n my NZ healing sanctuary.

Brisbane from Saturday 24th February. . .
Till I return to NZ (garden and my ‘down time to write/create courses ahead of my European teaching round end April – all of May)

This means – if you are putting off seeing me till . . .

WHEN is ‘later’ as I may well not be about . .

PAIN? Lack of Qi flow   .
Let me get it moving again:



Heather's Healing hands

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Maybe you are finding life tricky?
Pain and stress/anxiety are a way of life?

Download my Healing Hands brochure:

Come in and see what we can do to make your life easier.


What are we doing?

Allowing your body to return to a normal that you can’t remember having had or may never have even felt.

Ivana with her Kahuna massage,

Heather with her decades of transformational energy body work


Vaginal steaming/perineal steaming/intimate sauna

Learn more here

This is profoundly relaxing

IT is THE way to undo endometriosis and all that bothers the insides of us . .   




Heartful Hands on Healing

Pelvis through to heart and then see what is left to do!

(Maybe nothing)

As your entire life/body distress is usually a blockage there.


Why ‘Gentling’?

This includes now going back to what our elders knew – recently vaginal steaming  . .
(I call it perineal steaming as it is a gentle and total body treatment (to be home based).

Great choice for anyone with a compromised gut.

Of course it is for healing the urogenital system – especially when you wish for pelvic flows to flow again . .

Low AMH? High FSH?
Stuck with adhesions/C scars and so on?

endometriosis coming back all the time – and PCOS –

Maybe no babies:

Structure determines function:

Invest in your health and future . .

See me for a programme of intensive of Heather’s Gentling Ways – as a off spin in addition to the pelvic work I started decades ago and published through the ‘What Dads Can Do’ manuals and DVD’s online available (and use yourself (for anyone) the moxa sacral fan) at home – and the specific pelvic clearing only one in the world so far to use – Heather’s Gentling Ways ..

It will fix what is ailing you – likely a uterus (or prostate) in misalignment – and whether or not they are removed – the ligaments are no longer doing what they are to do – and there you are – in constant pain to be adjusted constantly . .

Pelvic opening and clearance

Allow all flows – be they urinary reproductive, or structural issues that so far no one has cleared – to be gently undone.



C section repair

Abdominal adhesions,

internal scarring and

all emotional and physical suffering eased


hands-heart on abdomen1Do you suffer and not know what to do next?

Pelvic pain and sexual dysfunction?
Displaced/prolapsed uterus?
Bladder issues of any description?
Periods awry?

Digestion absolutely tricky?
Life too hard?
No answers found?
We have them within.

Always  on email – drop me a line now . .

Please assume that we will make substantial changes in what you are able to achieve in your life.

A few close together appointments make see far more shifts than you may have ever hoped for.

Clinic With Heather Bruce

Clinic With Heather Bruce

Heather aims to help everyone gracefully enjoy their individual healing journeys.

These techniques will enable the release of congested flows, restrictive scar tissues and adhesions and mal-positioned organs and fascial distortions to gently normalise.

Belly Care

Belly Care

Heather's recent world-wide travels have given her a unique collection of belly and pelvic girdle clearing techniques. These, combined with her own decades of lymph and Qi-clearing, may make the difference you are looking for.

All traditional cultures had their own abdominal techniques to enable digestive, reproductive and urogenital health.

Clinic Times

Clinic Times

Vary month to month. Please contact me for more details.

The clinic moved to a more central location in Coorparoo in June 2017.

Plenty of on-site parking!

I would love to see you soon to start your journey to wholeness in health!

By appointment only

Saturdays and after-hours welcome.



The more apparently tricky the better! Often a different set of eyes all is revealed - come and find out. As I work as a natural health care problem solver, unraveling what has happened to you to date, anything is possible. In addition to acupuncture, I always use my hands (healing touch, Reiki, lymphatic and general massage) with the moxa, cupping, vibrational essences. Auro Soma, herbs/supplements, and of course with great listening and caring skills.