I will be in clinic:

From Friday 14th October. .
I have just completed the Mercier training
(See more here)
Tell your world – I am the only Australasian practitioner – we need more everywhere – undo your Stuck Blood/congested pelvis/blocked tubes/life flow and of course improve the quality of your eggs and reproductive lives – for men also. . . BEST PRACTICE FOLKS – make better babies . .

most days except Wednesday
(unless we make a special case)

all day Saturday

Some evenings. 

Please assume that we will make substantial changes in what you are able to achieve in your life.

A few close together appointments make see far more shifts than you may have ever hoped for.


1 – A life lived well – not medicine

So now for something incredibly different – how’s about you help yourself?

 What happened to wellness? How to get back to it?

2 – Why drink more water?


Life giving . . .

3 – “Old wives tales” and getting cold

(And this was filmed in the morning and the birds are chattering outside)

What next?
Topical magnesium will feel better in all systems . .

4 – Gut health and stress – use topical magnesium

 Breathing and posture – let the good air in!!


Simple natural solutions

hands-heart on abdomen1Do you suffer and not know what to do next?

Pelvic pain and sexual dysfunction?
Displaced/prolapsed uterus?
Bladder issues of any description?
Periods awry?

Digestion absolutely tricky?
Life too hard?
No answers found?
We have them within.

Maybe see what my Maya special can do for you!

Gently and profoundly, let’s undo all that has happened to your body. Using many modalities as I see them needed.
We go through how life shapes us – from the ancient traditions of another culture. Using all of this sets the scene for the deep change. What is it? A combination of a number of different modalities all tailor made for you on the day . .

lightful uterus copy
If you want to take charge of yourself and your own healing, please see this investment as being the next step – not seeing me or other healers all the time, but taking a journey into yourself. Your own actions can change your world!!

Always  on email – drop me a line now . .

Clinic With Heather Bruce

Clinic With Heather Bruce

Acupuncture Plus because each session includes more than just needles.

I work with all ages and stages of life. Most by the time they come to see me have complicated stories.

I aim to help everyone gracefully enjoy their individual healing journeys.

Maya Massage

Maya Massage

This ancient remedy is good for period pains, fertility problems, lower back pain, constipation and post partum recovery.

With Maya Abdominal Massage therapy this will enhance the release of the lymphatic congestion and ensures the proper placement of the organs inside your pelvis will allow your gut to support you.

Clinic Times

Clinic Times

Until and including 11th Feb I will be in clinic most day and also all Saturday. From 12th I will be absent as I am teaching acupuncture and furthering my own studies overseas, returning 16th March. Please see if you can ft in at least one session with me as all sorts of magic may happen.



The more apparently tricky the better! Often a different set of eyes all is revealed - come and find out. As I work as a natural health care problem solver, unraveling what has happened to you to date, anything is possible. In addition to acupuncture, I always use my hands (healing touch, Reiki, lymphatic and general massage) with the moxa, cupping, vibrational essences. Auro Soma, herbs/supplements, and of course with great listening and caring skills.