No matter what your health or reason for coming to see Heather Bruce an acupuncture session with Heather is a composite healing through various health modalities.

Depending on the symptoms an appraisal of lifestyle choices as well as follow up best practices that can assist with the process of getting back to health.  Any natural practitioner requires the active partipation of the client to follow through with suggestions in clinic.  Heather is a passionate believer of being co-healers, just as when a child goes to school, the lessons don’t full sink in unless there is homework done and revision.  That is the same with a clinic session with Heather.

Cupping, moxa – burning mugwort herb, acupuncture, massage and lots of information to empower you to make the changes necessary to get your health markers; hair, nails, eyes, skins, back to their vibrant natural state.

The simple nature of an acupuncture session with Heather does not really settle in to your comprehension of overall wellbeing till you start to realise that you are more positive, motivated and energetic.  Simple strategies, long term outcomes.

Over 37 years, Heather Bruce has trained as an Acupuncturist through traditional Acupuncture and built upon that with Naturopathy, Mayan Abdominal Massage, Nutritional Study