Often life throws in a curved ball.

What we do with it next is the key  .

Do we stop listen and change everything

– or do we try to hand over the problem to someone else and

– carry on doing what we did to get there?

If you want to make changes and explore wellness . . . come and see what we can do together.

Many people into my clinic after having suffered cancer and the debilitating treatments offered in our medical system.

They want guidance on how to ensure their cancer doesn’t return.

Cancer after-care is what I call this treatment which aims to return their body back to health after the cancer therapies have finished. At the very least – do something abut your collection of angst . . Stuck Liver Qi

Also see what Stuck Liver Qi feels like (just about everything that ails you) and thus come in and see what I can do to retrain you to be in a more flowing space in your body and life. Perhaps start with the Free Yourself pack?

The meditation work this is based on is also found here. Pictorials here 

There are many paths – and all will lead you into a joyous happy future – whatever the choices you make . . . when you are empowered on your life’s journey.

Also look here:

Come and see what we can come up with together as a post-cancer wellness plan.

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