I ask you a different question:

Have you had enough pain to want to change what created it?

Healing is about change . ..

Any pain felt anywhere is about ‘stuck’ – something is not flowing,
. . .Out of balance. Maybe exchange some loving touch with someone else – so you both get the benefit.


Chronic pain shows it is deeply embedded.

Are you stuck on medications?

Perhaps see here . .

What can you do?

A LOT!!!!

There are remedies that can alleviate the pain so that it decreases to the point of vanishing over time.

I offer nutritional, hydration, energy, emotional solutions and now with the Maya/Arvigo techniques, structural answers .. where you may have had none before. In times past it was mainly the elderly and their arthritis, the sporting and general public with structural conditions and accidents, in young girls (and the not so young with extraordinary pelvic and period woes – all fell under the ‘easy’ banner as my mixture of many modalities all worked their magic. And still do.
Especially if you find yourself back and forth to someone who has to ‘put’ your body back together as it ‘goes out’.
A body is not designed to do this  and you can heal it yourself..  .
Come and find out how. all structural – especially bad joints and backs.

Especially now as I have the Maya/Arvigo work 

and have incorporated this into my own to assist you to heal yourself at home..

Why ‘Gentling’?

Come and see how easy it is to lose the high maintenance body you have had.

Holistic care and tenderness are my tools of trade. In addition to acupuncture (needles and moxa) .. .

Steaming, the use of castor oil packs, lymph drainage massage, deep scrapping (Gua Sha) and cupping may all contribute to a permanent solution with a lifestyle plan to get you happily back on track.

Come and find out how my brand of holistic bodywork with all the other tools meld together to have you walk out lighter and freer!

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