Endometriosis solutions can be natural and effective and permanent
– fix why your body is crying out for help
– those terrible things that are happening to you are there to warn you – fix me!!

Follow what is obvious – your baby factory is broken.

Stop trying to force it into compliance and work with someone who has been helping women with such issues for nearly 40 years in a system of medicine that is centuries old – definitely time tested.

Start with what caused the problem
– instead of trying to fix the symptoms.
Perhaps it is time to heal yourself ?
There are so many answers!!!
Perhaps read “Endometriosis – a Woman’s Body’s Cry For Help as a starting point.
Go to my natural problem solving apps – instead of tracking your periods – heal your life problems.
The “Women’s Vitality” eBook package will change your life around ..
In it you will find “Endometriosis – a Woman’s Body’s Cry For Help” and many other informative texts.

The Mayan massage self care massage is something I can teach you, along with vaginal steams and an array of tools for healing yourself that will make such a difference to all of your being.

The benefits are many:

  • Not just the babies you may want,
  • sex to be wonderful again,
  • life to be part of joyously again . .
  • easy periods and
  • an easy life as a bleeding woman – naturally normal.
  • No pain!!!

Please change to these chemical free, non toxic menstrual/intimate care products – watch the demos and buy your own pack and get started on your new road to well being.

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