Luscious eggs and robust sperm make better babies

For more than 37 years, since well before IVF was in Brisbane, I have been helping couples become families.

lightful uterus copyUsing my own holistic, practical and heartfelt style, and ‘common sense’

I allow Nature the chance to work her magic.
Starting with a return to health, and working through all that may be blocking your own natural flows.

Start as a farmer would.

Please also look to all I have on this site – as although it speaks of breasts – whatever grows healthy happy breasts spills over into your reproductive (both of you) lives and health in general.

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Great beginnings.

Stop trying to get pregnant.

(A novel concept – but when you think about it – why is nature not doing what is supposed to happen – sex means babies?) and look to the quality of the baby you are trying to make.

There is much room for improvement – and it can be so easily done.

Stop seeing problems (especially those that apparently are insolvable:

  • your age
  • his sperm condition and
  • your state of baby readiness

Get baby ready . .

It has been estimated that approx 30% of women who have been unsuccessful in conceiving eventually conceive after a succession of Maya Abdominal Therapy™ treatments.

Please download the special pregnancy flier – pre/during and post partum

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Treatments generally consist of massage, diet and lifestyle modifications, herbal therapies to enhance fertility. Vaginal steams (as taught by me in the Maya sessions) are a must. These alone will normalise all vaginal secretions and allow easy and fruitful enjoyable sexuality.

Once the uterus is in its optimal position, there is improved blood flow supporting the ligaments that themselves hold the reproductive organs in place, enhancing all reproductive functions – including easy periods, easy fertility and everything surrounding pregnancy, birthing and beyond easily.

We are all able to shift back to the fertile zone with loving holistic care) and without medical interventions – start looking as the average farmer would.

Check out my information Apps – natural answers to problems you may not even have thought to ask about, or thought possible.

Sperm can be improved. Good news!!

Find out how you can help yourself cheaply and effectively by

improving your health (thus the health of your to be baby) FIRST.

There is a lot of FREE information on and Heather’s EasyBabies site.

Start looking after your grandchildren – before you are pregnant

– make the best babies you can . . naturally, simply, easily – and cheaply

– by looking after yourself differently first.

Call (07) 3899 2274 for an appointment (as a couple) or

a Skype consultation now.

A problem solving expedition is quite possibly all you need

– not mega treatments and taking hordes of supplements

– just get to the core of why sex is not making babies at your house.

Especially if IVF has not worked – perhaps we could start at the beginning?

As we did before IVF?

Do it yourself – at home . .

Luscious eggs and robust sperm make better babies

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