This is not something that is adequately helped with orthodox medicine.

Whether this is because these affect all of who we are, or whether it is about self care and nurturing or whether it is because these are not life threatening, and/or there is no quick fix as a pill or a surgical technique

. . . you want more for yourself – and I can help you.

You may have tried the obvious:


When it comes to women’s sexual/ pelvic problems, so very often the easiest thing is to hope that things will get better by themselves.

When they do not, or have not, or when it is all too painful on all levels of your life, perhaps you have decided that you may need a very different model of care.

Times change and with these changes, there may be new ways of seeing your problems and challenges that you may not be aware of.

Few know of the Mayan work.

It is one area that I have found gives spectacular results, as it addresses the sacral and pelvic and lymph and organs and teaches you how to look after yourself.

Over time, all the pain, hassles and outright disasters will be healed – safely, slowly and as nature intended.

Women bleed.

Recently (retail pharmaceutical) medicine is saying that you do not need to – take lots of drugs, or use implants instead

– but have you wondered what this is doing to a body that is built to bleed?

Nature does expect your ‘fetal palace’ to fill up and discharge – often for many decades – we are built for this.

Periods should however be painless, and no hassle.

If this does not sound like you , please contact me so we can see about turning being a woman into and easy, even a fun state.

Here you will find very many solutions –

Too many problems (as often people have more than one).

This includes all past damage through life incidents, accidents and operations

I can help you get off all medication, so you can live pain free with all your women’s its working again.

Adhesions and scarring (internal and external) from various sources – including repair surgery

These are simply addressed using the myriad ways to solve all problems – all levels at once.

This is the essence of all my work – normalising the pelvis.

After nearly 40 years of working with women, I have many suggestions that you can take home as follow up self care to effectively undo often a lifetime of woe – it all works!!

Reach out for effective safe and gentle help – contact me today.

Something so easy and so effective and so delicious . . . moxa on the back/sacral area.
(I designed it for all women’s issues but really – is useful in almost all things that may happen to all of us)

Helps get the circulation to the pelvis and restores the fun in all areas of your being!!

Some women’s sexual/pelvic problems manifest as the following;

Vaginismus (or vulvodynia)

This may not be instantly fixed, but it is likely that you will immediately start to feel changes in yourself and the way your body expresses..

There are so many ways that this condition can start.

I will begin where I feel you need help.

It may be pulling out the stored cold that is stopping your circulation, and thus healing.

It may be that Mayan massage and vaginal steaming will be part of the solution.

All traditional cultures have simple, safe and gentle ways of undoing all female problems.

The combination of all I can offer will start healing on all levels for you.

Please contact me today.

You are likely to find a gentle, graceful and soothing end to your woes.

Answers to your womanly woes are unlikely to be found within the men’s medical world of forcing compliance on a woman’s body and soul.

Respectful, simple, easy and effective solutions await you.

Lichen Scelorosis

A little-spoken-of issue that leaves a woman with debilitating vulval damage.

The underlying actual (not seen in blood tests) low thyroid problem giving rise to the immunological mess that your body is dealing with has a number of simple natural solutions – some nutritional, some therapeutic and all outside what the orthodox system has.

Please contact me as I can help you as I have many others – often after decades of trying to live with this.

Interstitial cystitis pain

You can’t live on drugs like Lyrica and all the other medications you are on, hopefully to get some respite from the pain.

You can’t live without the pills either.
Change is needed!!

You can be part of your own healing – once I have shown you what to do to heal yourself at home.


So very often things just fall down – and you do not have to be older, or have had children for this to happen to you.

The Mayan massage and all the women’s work have done for all my working life will give you a lift and the answers that your body deserves.

Incontinence – stress or full on (Urinary and/or fecal)

Often this is a simple matter – although it feels as though you could die from embarrassment – this is becoming a very common problem – and not just with age or after childbirth.

Find out what you can easily do to help yourself at home daily (Self Care) and what I can do professionally in clinic to assist your return to graceful poise and confidence.

Come and see me about fixing what is creating all this drama in your life.

It can and will work again as nature intended to!!!

Find out how – contact me today.

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