Love baby and being a mum (or not just now)  – BUT . . .

Not the same since??

Physically .  . it may just be a simple matter of undoing all the adhesions and scar tissues – on all levels.
Please see more here and here.

Maybe we can undo this. . .
Give you yourself back?

Not healed?

Always feeling tired/emotional and your body/ belly is just NOT right . . .
Still got pubic symphysis pain?

The Maya/ATMAT/Arvigo and Mercier combination only Heather can give you

plus her Gentling Ways may be just what you need.

Why ‘Gentling’?

Scar not healed as you would have liked?

Perineal tears and rips

C Section aftermath . . .
Sex or any other passion lessened?


Maybe that cold application – ice  . . . did you in?

Adding cold or ice is not going to help


Then there is the life upset  .

Normal tricky since?


Healing the mother is also a process of investigating and resolving all the situations that have lead to a complicated birth, listening to other birthing stories that haven’t supported a nurturing one and post partum depression.

Firstly there is Stuck Liver Qi – we all carry what we wish had been different and this sets up inner turmoil – help loosen


To learn more on Stuck Liver Qi  – look to the site www, (where you will also find very practical natural self help Apps as problem solvers – please get the Periods App and the Pregnancy App – as the periods holds the emotional and all that happens except pregnancy and post partum and breastfeeding – that is on the Pregnancy App – and both hold all information on the raw materials for an easy life – ingredients as food and why we eat the nutrient dense choices ..

Please – come in and get your body/life back . .
Heather’s own invention – after 40 years of being a mum – and of and helping mums ..

Maternal Rescues . .

Come in and see me . .