Conditions that Heather Bruce treats every day in her clinic.

5. Womens Sexual / Pelvic Problems

Mayan Abdominal Massage, Acupuncture and Vaginal Steaming are the solutions that you will be walked through. With therapies you can administer at home under Heathers guidance.


4. Cancer Recovery

To fully recover Heather is aware of the gentle detoxification and restorative strategies that are required to bring back the shine of good health.

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3. Period Pain & Endometriosis.

Understanding the womans body is different to a mans is the first step in wholistic remedies that encourage health in women.


2. Fertility

Treating both the woman and man to give the new baby the best start in life, from conception, pregnancy to birth.


1. Chronic Pain

Health is when the body is free from pain and blockages. Clearing the body of toxins and eating well is the first step.