Period pain is not normal!!

Any form of pain leading up to or through your period is a sign that there is a blockage.

Often it is easily remedied.

Not by drugs – but by undoing what is stuck.

What might be causing obstructions?

  • Your past life – accidents, and incidents, emotions may all be stopping normal circulation, or
  • cold energy that is stuck in your body (not supposed to be there) or
  • not enough ingredients to make the menstrual blood or flow.

Orthodox medicine doesn’t look at all of you and what has happened to lead you to here . .

or can sometimes just brush your concerns away with a ‘don’t worry about it’ remark.

Birth control pills, drugs and synthetic hormones are often prescribed as a “quick fix” but

ALL they do is “mask” the issues surrounding your cycle.

Conventional medicine is only there as the breakdown service:

Come and see me for individualised care and attention the holistic Mayan way.

You may even have heard –

“You don’t need to bleed/have periods. .”

(You actually do – as you are a woman who maybe might like to use your baby factory one day).

You need to find the source of your agony and eradicate it once and for all.

Live with your woman’s body gracefully, and at peace.

The reason for most pain, or hindrance to resolving the condition, is that there is a blockage to healing.

Your energy be may tied up and can’t do its job.

And we do have to talk about .  .

Menstrual protection??

Once you are happy and warm and safe (and feeling sane) in your woman’s body – there is a conversation we could have –

and may need to – not tampons but .. Safe Intimate Care products
You will be surprised – watch these demos and inquire as to buying some for yourself – they make the world of difference!

Look to also my Period App and the “Womens Vitality” eBook package that allows you to run your body more easily . .

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