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My entire working life has centred around maternity – through my own I became an acupuncture student, through there being nothing published on the subject, I did so, as a mum I found ways to assist where no one was going, as the mother of a massively brain injured then profoundly vaccine damaged autistic daughter, I left no stone unturned, as her advocate and  a seeker of the truth, whilst now (the historical perspective is missing for so many) seeing nothing that used to work was any longer ..  . something for everyone. How does this help you? I do not take ‘mo’ as a sensible answer. I strive for excellence and help nature every step of the way. Especially if/when you have been given what is current best practice – there is usually a simple, natural solution. May not be needles – let me be the judge ..

cosmic-soul-contractMy initial and still life long passion is helping the body/soul heal itself – and as a classically trained acupuncturist I now call myself a transformative energy body worker as along with now also offering the Maya and lymphatic and moxa work, I use Aura Soma and any other thing – so what you may expect of me as an acupuncturist ..expect difference!

Aside from being an international specialist post graduate educator and the original pregnancy/fertility acupuncturist in Brisbane (from 1979) I have also developed many tools to assist those either seeking pregnancy or who have concerns, including wanting to have the best health for all aspects of maternity . . and after care. These are available here – http://heatherbrucebooks.com.au/

The combination of my near 40 years of personal maternity, thus specialising in pregnancy related issues and in seeing children, means that if you have a concern – it is highly likely I have a simple natural solution for this.
See more on the Maya /Arvigo ways I incorporate to ensure full placental flow, ease of all maternal discomforts (particularly those that are said to be ‘normal in pregnancy’ – all are actually warnings).

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Also see all I have here – click the Pregnancy App and an entirely different site will appear (this is hidden so those whose maternal journey has not been fruitful do not get turned off by yet another Heather site on pregnancy related topics)

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I specialise in the ‘high risk’ and ‘too hard’ and even the perilous in pregnancy. Hence the last 2 years deviation into the Maya and Arvigo work after 35 years of being Brisbane’s own obstetric acupuncturist/home, then hospital birthing attendee prior to doulas appearing.Integrated holistic care through all stages and outcomes.

As well as my signature cupping the cold out and the return of normal for all aspects of your life, I know that your body is remaking itself whist pregnant – this means we can work together to completely heal you of whatever ailed you before – though ideally I would see you well before conception so you make the best baby possible. Receiving the Maya Abdominal Massage throughout pregnancy can bring both relief and support to a growing uterus, as well as other discomforts sometimes experienced throughout the different trimesters. By continuing massage we are encouraging the stretching ligaments as well as soothing the digestion, allowing perfect to unfold.

shutterstock_108093902I generally incorporate all I need to add in in these sessions – so all underlying energy and emotional issues may be addressed, making this a highly effective way to gracefully flow through your baby’s growing process. Any worries about fetal growth and placental flows are simply resolved. Please also see what is freely downloadable on my site and the entire work plus MP4 files here (“What Dads Can Do”).


The pelvic outlet needs to be free and flexible,.

Working in late pregnancy (ideally even before conception) we can easily restore the perfect outlet, so that birthing is a joy.

It has been observed that some women who have been receiving massage throughout pregnancy have a smoother labour, and a quicker second stage. An entire site with many helpful free massage moves is here – http://fingertip-rescues.com/

Add to this the “What Dads Can Do” massage work found here you can be assured of an easy birth and a happy body.


Easily allowing Nature to restore your body, restfully, getting back in shape is simple – come see me after 6 weeks post partum.

You can then receive a full Maya Abdominal Massage, especially focusing in your back ensuring that the looser ligaments are held properly. Ask me to show you how to wear a faja and possibly the belly binding. The sacral moxa fan may still feel remarkable for you.

This supports the uterus and other organs returning to optimum position.

HOW DOES IT HELP WITH (Avoiding or recovering from) CAESAREAN SECTIONS?

pregnant mamaMost Caesarean births could be prevented with this simple, safe, easy to learn massage techniques.

Having the entire process done in clinic allows me the time to show you how to care for yourself.

Please try to bring your partner/birth companion.
As well as the work I have pioneered over the decades (see What Dads Can Do ), as a thoughtful naturopath, I have been working the cutting edge of many groups of maternal concerns and have found innovative ways to negotiate what is happening now – as it was not in your mother’s days . .

The naparopathic work allied to the central American midwifery techniques that go to endure your pelvis is aligned as it may not have been for some time. Think of all the different falls and incidents that at the time, you may feel did not affect you. It may be that your period/fetility.birthing and general back and belly woes all stem from there.

Let me correct these whilst the ligaments are still loose after birthing.

Also look to returning to see me, after you are a mum.
There is so much that past oral cultures gave women after birthing

Many may also use my work to prevent the need for surgical interventions

By strengthening and toning the uterus, ligaments and other pelvic organs, the work I do along with the Arvigo massage helps to place and maintain the uterus in her optimal position for giving birth.

For women who have had a C-section, I have a set of healing techniques that is invaluable for breaking up scar tissue, as it also is for all who have had any abdominal incidents, surgeries and even hysterectomies. Maybe start at least with the castor oil packs of old.

baby on breastBreastfeeding?

A whole new site up to assist you – with many inclusions – from a very senior midwife/lactation consultant.

Start with her work here – http://heathersays.com/apps/pregnancy-app/natures-template-birthing/breastfeeding/

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