Why/what would we do this for?


Many cultures do – they just say nothing to those who are not part of their ‘tribe’.

Our loss . .

Not doing this may well be a huge part of why you have:

  • period problems,
  • reproductive woes,
  • digestive issues and
  • just maybe how come nothing seems to hold

– even though you may have seen someone who is good at their job, who you trust, and it all felt better for a while. .

We need to care for our bodies. This is some of what we could do to heal

It is part of the Maya massage and Arvigo® work I offer.

For the men there is anal steaming which is amazingly soothing

– especially for all prostate, and back, and gut complaints

(Seriously – women have two orifices – men have one – entry to the gut is hugely helped by this process.)

Steaming is a growing trend in our modern world, but it has been used in South and Central American, African, and Asian cultures for centuries.

Steams are used for self maintenance for:

  • women’s health and
  • men’s lower back,
  • pelvic challenges, and
  • relaxation benefits.

Different herbs have different healing properties.

The most commonly used herbs are found growing in your garden – easily.

They are fragrant and simple to use.

Typically, steams may be done as part of a regular self-care regime.

You can heal your body yourself – lovingly at home.

Perfect for anytime when you want to feel as though you need some (self tending) loving

or when you have:

  • any pelvic congestion or worries.
  • Irregular and painful periods
  • Vaginal cysts
  • Infertility concerns
  • Bladder and yeast infections
  • Hemorrhoids/gut issues
  • Uterine fibroids
  • Scarring from childbirth, hysterectomies and laparoscopies

Great for all back, sacral aching and wonderful to help you sleep

Exceptional for all vaginal, and older women issues

This is an easy process that you can do at home, once you have been taken through the process as an initiation – so you know when, and how to do this safely.

When you have a Maya Abdominal Massage, a steam is included in the treatment, which may be a good introduction to this process that you can then take home to perform at your leisure.

Vaginal steaming in Asian medicine is used to relieve stagnation and coldness in the body.

This safe and soothing home remedy helps dilate the blood vessels, increase blood circulation, provide oxygenation and relax the pelvic floor muscles.

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