Who is Heather Bruce?

A Light bearer, a teacher and a mentor to many

A seeker of answers – where ever they are to be found.

Having honed my skills over the past four decades into an amalgam of naturopathy/wise woman advice and common sense, I now just call myself a transformative energy body worker.
More of the journey to get to here is found here.

Discovering peace and healing through listening to nature and especially by becoming an active part of healing our own lives allows shifts to happen

We all have different paths that led us to the apparently same place /conditionrememberance

All people (whether they realise it or not) are on a spiritual path. Presently you may be yet to see it through the possible haze of your current situation.

I look forwards to being a part of your journey to becoming more of who you are to be. Changing what you are doing will change what, and who you are.

What I do differently:


I see you as a whole person: not the bits that hurt.

I have been helping people heal themselves for nearly 40 years

Not ‘an acupuncturist’ or ‘a herbalist’ or a naturopath’ or even a ‘Maya therapist’  but an amalgamation of all I have done and lived through and taught and experienced.

If this sounds like what you need now

Please give me a call (07 3899 2274).

feather at sunriseIn addition to starting at the beginning (cupping out the cold that is stifling all your gut circulatory and immunological functions)

Having completed the Maya/Arvigo style Professional and Advanced Spiritual Healing workshops, along with Certification, Pregnancy and the Self Care Trainers courses in USA, and Belize, and already having worked with Aura Soma, Reiki, Seikem and Seichem, Bach and other vibrational essences, crystals, sound and spirit, I offer holistic healing, in conjunction with my own style I have been teaching for decades now – Moving Blockages to Healing via my initial classical acupuncture and allied physical skills.


more on Heather’s Journey

About you .  .

Healing begins with change – and often it is not what we do in a treatment session in clinic that will make a difference – but you altering what habits, behaviours and beliefs that have led you to where you currently find yourself needing help.

I have been creating life tools for those troubled by their life and responses to it since 2000.

Starting with a guided meditation now available as an MP3 – you can peacefully relax and revitalise by LETTING GO of what is weighing you down.  This then allows for restful SLEEP – and from here everything starts to feel better and regenerate.

Often it is all as simple as changing what you see as being food – or what you are doing with your day.

Getting appropriate direction to WORK WITH YOUR BODY instead of opposing its natural flows is often all you need to do to radically help yourself.

Besides seeing me for a tuneup/unwinding session, you can also tap into my depth and breadth of knowledge over several different modalities through investing in the range of eBooks.

These are instantly available and downloadable from the  shop will guide you to perhaps really making a permanent change in something you thought you just had to live with and accept . . .


I empower you to help yourself

Having developed the natural problem solving self help Apps (Periods  – for all women’s issues whatever age – Fertility (male and female) and Pregnancy (includes birthing, breastfeeding and babies), packages of eBooks (and an MP3 meditation two track bonus) and now home self help courses to help you help yourself – maybe you feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start? Come in and see me . . . or book an online consultation – or start with the courses that lead you into healing yourself.

Maybe see also the specific pregnancy/fertility aspect of that supporting site . .

To call on my services – expect change

What is healing? Change.
Go for it!!!