Intimate/perineal sauna/vaginal/yoni steam

When you come into my clinic – you will instantly be aware of difference.
Not the usual professional office.

The space holds a sense of vibrationary stillness and many fragrances – maybe overtones of moxa smoke, AuraSoma having been recently used and of course copal smoke.


In addition – there may well be vaginal steams made ready for others.
See more also here.  I recently held a Self Care workshop in the clinic – and one woman watched as all appeared from their steams radiant – and often less wrinkled (facial) – all dropped years off their demeanour .. how is this possible?

rememberanceSo many women experience reproductive health challenges in one form or another – from mild to severe menstrual cramps and irregular periods, to pain during intelightful uterus copyrcourse, to challenges with conceiving a child, to horrendous constant and debilitating pain from past surgeries, adhesions, incidents and accidents to general life wear and tear.

Often women may accept these challenges as normal, and rarely talk about the discomfort and suffering they cause. Yet there exist simple natural solutions. There is a herbal remedy that a growing number of women are calling upon to naturally treat the root cause of these challenges, and to heal their precious reproductive systems. This wonderful and effective treatment is referred to as the yoni steam, and it has stood the test of time.

Around the world, especially in Maya and Korean culture, yoni steaming is a well-respected ritual for improving women’s health. After just a few steams, women often report reduced cramps, regulation of cycles, easier conception, and healing of abnormal tissues in and around the uterus. “We have seen absolutely astounding and universal results from yoni steaming.

The results are clear. Its right there!” states Dr. Rosita Arvigo, Director of The Arvigo Institute. (Teacher of the Maya/Arvigo work I now have incorporated into my everyday clinical practice.

Just vaginal?

stool and bowlAlthough it is often called the “vaginal steam,” many prefer to call this gentle process yoni steaming because indeed it is more than simply the vagina and external organs that benefit from the medicinal steam. In Sanskrit, the term “yoni” refers to the entire female reproductive system from the exterior vulva to the internal womb, all of which stand to benefit from the medicinal properties of the yoni steaming herbs.

I prefer to call it perineal steaming or an intimate sauna. We also have two other entrances/exits to the inside situated there. Men also are massively helped through sitting on a steamer – the gut and their prostate. A pervasive sense of wellbeing in the addition of warmth benefits all.

Yoni steaming/intimate saunas are known to assist the entire reproductive system with cleansing itself, encouraging it to shed the unnecessary membranes and build up that cause many of the discomforts and challenges that women experience. Proponents say that the gentle process works by applying the warmth of mild steam carrying the volatile oils (never essential oils – they are too strong) of medicinal plants to the exterior tissues of the vagina (this area is referred to as the vulva).

stool and herbs


As warmth and moisture increase circulation to the region, the vagina and pelvis are relaxed and softened. The steam also causes the labia to swell and expose more tissue, and the mucus membranes to thin. Because these tissues are very porous, the plant based volatile oils are absorbed into the bloodstream, and eventually into the uterus. This is a very gentle process that does not involve any sort of high pressure application of hot water or steam

Countless women can share their success stories, lending to a growing body of evidence that demonstrates the remedy’s effectiveness. One woman raved, “After doing 3 steams my period has appeared to have returned to normal! I was experiencing very heavy long periods. One period lasted 18 days. After steaming my last period lasted 5 days and I hardly had any PMS symptoms…no clotting or heavy bleeding. HALLELUJAH!”

While some spas have begun offering yoni steam treatments, and while it may be a great way for women to pamper ourselves, yoni steaming/ an intimate sauna should not be confused with a beauty treatment. Furthermore, it need not be an expensive treatment reserved for the privileged. Yoni steams/intimate saunas can be done in the comfort of any home, and are quite inexpensive.

Yoni steaming/intimate saunas are gaining respect as an increasing number of women find it to be a safe and effective treatment for their reproductive discomforts and challenges. Given its gentle nature, yoni steaming/intimate saunas are safe for most any woman to try at home, unless she has a severe infection, has additions within – mesh, inserts, an Intrauterine Device (IUD), or thinks she may be pregnant.

Whether a woman’s life is dramatically improved because of easier menstruation, painless living 8in her body, a renewed sense of energy and life, or she simply experiences a greater connection with her yoni, the benefits of this ancient wisdom are clear. Its time every woman is aware of this ancient natural solution, and has access to the information and resources she needs to treat herself. For the sake of women, their families, and the planet.

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