Maternal rescues



Often decades later . .

Maybe healing your own mother wounds.
AND  shattered may hurt just too much . .       Whilst being a new (or an older) mum ..

You may need help right now . .
What price sanity/freedom to enjoy the being and life you have created?
Everyone saying how wonderful bub is?
How grateful you ‘should’ be??
Want your own body back??
It seems to me that there is a large missing piece – who has an interest in what next?
(Dad, bub and all the family PLUS you . .).
Costs too much to hope all will get better.
I wonder having had 4 children, how are we supposed to live in our bodies after all that happens – on the name of ‘safe’ birthing – as surely being intact on all levels afterwards is as important as coming home with a baby – however upsetting this may sound . .

On so many levels

Invasion of cold – did you add in ice as you were told to?
Oh Dear – see what may happen next .
Your holding-everything-in-place-energy may suffer.
(And so often does – over bleeding, incontinence, all organs (or some of them) falling down – plus the possible infections, constant back aches (this is when my advanced women’s work comes into play – see the Maya and the Mercier work that I now have melded into my own Gentling Way programme – and of course feeling not well – and often cold all the time..
It is likely that one session will not do everything to undo what has befallen you – but regular self care (gentle, soothing and so easy)  that I will teach you – and maybe the addition of the Welcome Baby kit contents and the embedded courses that are also part of the investment – you can go home with tools to help heal – as your body can often sooner than you would imagine – when still breastfeeding.
Soon I will be adding a much larger sign up on the new business that will say ‘Maternal Rescues’.

After 40 years of supporting friends, family, students and patients,

I am well used to this – and have many ways to assist your body heal.

It is much easier to do this as soon after as possible.

I put together a Welcome Baby kit – (at cost price it may look expensive – but has all that is needed to come home with).
I designed it to be a baby shower or grandparents’ contribution to ease of the journey maiden to mother.  .



All trauma?

(You, bub and the family?)

All helped through the work of Kaliana Rose and what I have asked for to focus on.
I am sure you will leave with a new appreciation of what you can do to help your own body.

I have been putting together a new therapy in addition to the Maya work.
I wanted more, kept looking after going as far as I could in the field – and found some in this

To assist with any sacral and pelvic damage as well as adhesions
And then combined it with what I had been teaching for decades


The safe intimate care issue is yet another angle . .



This work is unique and not ‘just’ one or another session – but tailored to your needs.


Why ‘Gentling’?