Menstrual/Fertility/ Maternal Rescues

Wonder what is blocking your babies?
Why you are STILL in pain?

What else you could do on ‘a break’ from intensively TTGP?

I am very happy to announce . .
As the only fully trained Mercier therapist in the Southern Hemisphere . .

(Plus I am also an Arvigo /Maya/ATMAT Self Care teacher who has traveled far assisting couples become parents since pre IVF days in Brisbane using a multi modality holistic approach (all of who you are as a couple). Also the developer of many pelvic healing programmes of my own.

I can cut the amount of time and waiting down – especially NOT having to see me often – simply by correcting why the flows are not flowing for you.”Often structural and not the way the other body workers are doing it – why?
All at once – all levels of being  .