In the national newspaper – a question posed – as though all who have pain do not know the answer . .…/does-cold-weather-make-arth…/8680912

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Does cold affect arthritic pain?

Yes – and everyone DID know . .
(All ‘old wives’ tales’???)
All traditional East Asian Medicine will show you . . .
The addition of cold stops your flows flowing: thus pain happens . .

STOP icing yourself so you do not have to get rid of the residue of this silly practice later!

This is why hot water bottles/ holding hot cups of tea – anything warming tends to offer relief –

Your flows get flowing temporarily.
Why not pull out the residue of the ages – all those small amounts that have lead you to where you can’t move well – and feel the instant difference?

Or better still – come in and let me take it out for you – instant relief with most problems as when your Yang Qi flows- life no longer hurts.


Cold Hurts!
However ‘science’ – whatever that is – is baffled!

Then there is what it does to your engine – gut . .

What to do?

1 – Stop all cold additions – that includes drinking water at ‘room temperature – as it is not body temperature.
Go warm drinks – especially adding in perhaps some lemon juice into cups of hot water.

2 – Eat warming nourishing broths and stews and avoid all those green smoothies and anything not body temperature or above.

3 – Get out of the drafts – wherever you find yourself – as cold stops your Qi from flowing

4 – Make friends with all those oral traditions (Old Wives Tales) that you remember – as they hold the keys that got you to here.
(Granny’s medicines).

5 – Stop even sitting on a cold loo seat- paper or hand towels to cushion? (Seriously)

6 – Carry a wrap or a scarf about – as the drafts coming in to the back of the head can trigger colds/flus/Bell’s palsy even.

7 – Come in and let me get rid of what is holding your Yang Qi back . .

8 – Start taking charge yourself.  .

9 – Buy the course below to learn more – what I have distilled over the past 4 decades teaching acupuncturists – work through what does and does not work in clinic – on everyone. Help yourself and those about you – it WAS Elder’s home remedies . .


Taking Cold Out/reset/recharge your metabolism . . .