Why is it seen as natural to have your womanly bits losing their structural integrity?
Why is it seen as being a consequence of birthing that incontinence is even possible?

Below is a snippet of my answering the question – why I cup all bellies.
This is not a therapy that you can expect your local acupuncturist to know, as it is not in any texts, (was folk lore) or taught as it was what the elders’ medicine – done before they spent money on anyone ‘fixing’ anything. All can do it themselves at home it has a profound effect on circulation forever after – and of course will tighten up the metabolism and allow the gut to work well again. – you do not need a special cup – get the course I put up there and use a preserving/Mason jar – and steam after if you have no moxa on hand. .

Cold Wastes Your Life Force from Heather Bruce on Vimeo.

Enhance the body’s Spleen and Yang Qi/ch’uel though pulling out the cold that should have never ever been there.

What do I mean?

Ice – you know – goes in the water, on the body . .

And is a major disease causative factor all by itself.
See more here –

All ‘old wives’ tales’ said not to ..
As a classically (Not TCM) trained acupuncturist teacher (since 1979) and course designer since 1981 – I can see huge gaps in the energy info in our training texts and manuals (and reliance on western medical/physically orientated therapies) . . and in public awareness of causes of disease. What the elders knew everywhere without formal education is not what is now seen as being ‘assumed knowledge’ through the medicalised filters.

What causes prolapse?

Large missing piece of the puzzle – invasion of cold – see here..
Stopping the ‘holding in place’ energy from being able to – and along the way messing with the integrity of all structures and the digestive capacity which then means not the best Blood and blood to nourish the ligaments needs attention.
What messes with Qi/ch’uel??frozen-spider-web
it messes with everything about you and stops your body working – necessitating repeat visits to people like me – who will keep you coming back till you wake up.
Why is your body not healing?
It can’t – you keep on adding in cold – sitting on the cool loo seat is one vector.
As is that cold finish to a shower.
Also – always starting a day freezing your gut with a smoothie – forgetting that your belly needs to have a warm oven.
That icing that the physio got you to do for your sprained ankle year ago
The cold invasion is still robbing you of your own life force ..
Take out what is not supposed to be there.
I have put all you need to know in that course for self help – along with the Yang repair tools – perineal steaming and how to use moxa at home.
Allied – for all to also see why the lack of biologically available iodine starts us onto the path of structures not working and fluid, digestion not working well and all the hormonal problems as menopause, infertility and PCOS/endo and so on).
You know that you often feel cold coming out of a belly when you are working on it. Me starting on a Maya session quite often I have to defer and do this first – as I know the tissues will just not hold with all that cold on board. We can’t play with the ligaments and the back and not attend to why they cant hold life up.
As a baseline – I get all to do a perineal clench all through the massage they are all are amazed at how gentle the work is and yet how much stronger their ‘pull up’ is – so too with the pulling out he cold that is wrecking their holding energy – we can do so much more than work with the physical – the energy that is distressed needs help . home remedy from China (pre PRC) would not be needed if we all lived according to Don Elijio’s awareness – nothing out of the fridge, no cold /ice added to anything – has not just a local,but a systemic effect and cold lodges forever . .and causes prolapses. In Australia and NZ now – there is ice going onto just birthed perineums and onto engorged breasts – steaming can only do so much – we need to pull out what is messing with life/Qi//ch’uel . .
Undo your own birthing injuries.
(Not been the same since?)

Have you:

  • Lack of tone down there?
  • Lack of libido?
  • Low thyroid function? (Even though blood tests tell you you are ‘fine’?
  • Adrenal fatigue?
  • Digestive upsets especially an inability to digest, with pain and gas?
  • Cold peripherals – even Reynards?
  • Always colder than anyone else?
  • Hair falling, thinning,
  • Been told that you have a low AMH?

Avoid all future cold exposures

Take out what is lodging within causing you grief
Taking out Cold self-helpCourse

Take note of the perineal steaming and the moxa usage instructions in the course.

You will then ‘need’ a lot less therapeutic paid for services as you are empowered as people always were –

home medicine starts in your garden and kitchen!

Or – come in and see me and I will set you on a path of healing . .
As nature always intended – your body heals when allowed to.