Weight loss is about gut health!!

Losing weight

This post is not about food, meal replacements, programs to jolly you up, wear you out with exercise and coaching – but attending to your gut better.  To support your life well.

This is also not a tale of exercise.
Do you know how your belly supports life?

mid_heater2This is why I always say – nothing cold in there!
And why I am always pulling out the cold you can feel on your belly – can’t cook in  a too cool oven!!

What I did not change was what I was eating, or doing and no more (but actually less) exercise happened.

Case history (me)
Lost 7 kg in 6 weeks (61/62kg – 54/55kg)

I needed to be as best as possible at the end of a month’s trip to teach internationally.

I started in a Third World country for the first two weeks. Unsure how to look after my gut especially as being ill would mess it all up – I took evasive action.

I have been on thyroid medication for decades. This family weakness I have chased back to the mercury mined from our mothers when we are inside her. As we develop, her body helpfully sends all minerals and pesticides and all else from storage in the bones into the amniotic fluid for us to choose from.

Please see chronic mercury toxicity – almost all we see as ‘aging’ and including all the neurological problems are there .

All poisons infiltrate all – the more children she has (her mercury dental additions aside through her life), the cleaner the ride for the successive children. Further rubbish is pulled out in lactation – the metals come out through the liquified fat in the breast milk).

Personal Background

I was the eldest and the only one breastfed.
I am the one with children on the ASD (Autistic spectrum) and only one herself with heart and thyroid issues. This rewrites what all think about ‘genetics’. What is being handed over is the rubbish that our mum’s bodies could not process.

This has been me asking questions to learn answers – not to shore up a previously held belief system. A very different process to what is happening now with medical ‘science’ approach.


1) – I decided to take my liquid activated zeolites – which I started 10 years before and suggest all others take – but had changed to just being in a Glutathione accelerator – assist all cellular processes and takes out mercury also – the body’s major anti aging and anti oxidant).

Liquid activated zeolites – 5 or 6 drops many times a day.
(Says 3 x 3 on bottle but this is a maintenance dose and I was after a pull it all out one) – so at least 10 x 3 but taken more frequently gives a better result I feel).

2) – A lot more water drunk – all day regardless of ’thirst’

drop of water splash

3) – Iodine painted on my skin very, very often (it was soaking in and I was impressed a that meant I was actually able to use it – the selenium previously being blocked by the mercury that would have been being removed was the reason). This is NOT tap water as the fluoride is displacing the iodine we need for life and the thyroid being underactive is about THE reason all come in to see me although most are told that their thyroid is working perfectly fine – even when they look as though they are fat, fluidy, depressed and can’t think straight and are all systems falling down . . .

Hormones need ingredients biologically available to be used.

Mercury blocks the selenium so the iodine even if it were there is not used (and if you are on thyroid replacement (T4 has to be converted to T3 to be used and this is the availability of selenium all over again) it is JUST iodine and a protein component – so here I am now on less than half what I have been on for 25 years!!!


4) – Took a pre capsule of a reseeding gut bacteria product – to enable my gut bacteria to choose what to do better http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/how-lab-rats-are-changing-our-view-of-obesity/

And (http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/how-gut-bacteria-help-make-us-fat-and-thin/

5) – Started the process of overseas traveling with a negative ion foot soak followed by a reflexology session at least 1 weekly prior to leaving and again when I returned – ideally it would be 2 x weekly.

(I was visiting one of these places (to help my leg circulation when in planes and sitting a lot overseas – preventative action as I have a congestive heart failure history – the selenium and magnesium not getting into my heart cells due to family legacy of mercury and then of course all these – dental and the vaccine history we all have within blocking normal body function).
They state in their advertising that you can lose weight seeing them twice weekly – I do not doubt it – is called getting the inside bits working as they always should have always done.

6) – Sleeping earlier/better – at least when I was not in Brisbane that is dependent on the noisy neighbourhood and house I live in – was so much better not here!!! (Except when the howler monkeys were in the trees around us in the Macau River Camp in Belize).

Let this be your problem!!!

I no longer fit my ‘fat’ clothes!
All my underpants fall off and the bras are all way too big . . .
The clothes I had hopefully left around – now fit me again!

Still a way to go till all do – but there was never much of me . .


I never ate much, no fruit (too sweet and thus will make fat), no sweet anythings and no cereals/grains.
Also no alcohol and I have always hardly eaten much (except when pregnant or breastfeeding) – and this has not changed – what has is my bodies ability to work. Now it can.
We do not need to eat the quantities we do
This means make every mouthful count!