You may wonder :

Why see Heather?



Improve the quality of your eggs and reproductive lives – for men also. . .

 Why not – make better babies naturally?

Clear out all reference to ‘low AMH’, ‘high FSH’, ‘poor ovarian reserve’ and poor sperm quality and numbers.
These have been my specialty for decades – pre IVF even!!
Now with new ways that are not available in combination anywhere else – your one stop fix it shop – especially if you are troubled post C section, hysterectomy or any abdominal scarring – and/or have lower back aching . .   it is all fixable with the Mercier work – only in my clinic!

Interesting ways to permanently (and gently) – undo your Stuck Blood/

congested pelvis/blocked tubes/life flows.

(As the only Australasian practitioner) Mercier training
(See more here)


 Perhaps help your flows flowing again   .


Heather Bruce

Providing natural health solutions to the people of Brisbane

Come in and experience the maternal and menstrual rescues possible when heartful hands meet four decades of healing experience! 

My usual holistic care involving multi modality work – not just acupuncture . . .

Maybe see what my Maya/Mercier/MovingBlockages combination sessions can do for you!

Gently and profoundly, let’s undo all that has happened to your body. Using many modalities as I see them needed.

lightful uterus copy
If you want to take charge of yourself and your own healing, please see this investment as being the next step – not seeing me or other healers all the time, but taking a journey into yourself. Your own actions can change your world!!


Simple natural solutions